During the more recent past much has happened on the African continent regarding democratic reform, good governance, human rights protection and the rule of law. On the way to more societal, political and legal stability various countries in Africa are still entangled in processes of legal and institutional reform, especially in the areas of constitutional law, the law relating to the organisation of the state, electoral law, laws regulating political parties, criminal law, criminal procedure, civil law, civil procedure, administrative law and administrative procedure. In order to also accommodate other African countries, the legal series “Law and Constitution in South Africa”, which is in existence since 1998, has been geographically expanded. “Law and Constitution in Africa” offers a platform enhancing the comparative law discourse between Africa and Europe. This not only promotes good international relations but shall also contribute to more mutual understanding and intellectual exchange between law faculties on both continents. It is expected to foster and propel on-going and future legal and judicial reform processes. The first edition of “Law and Constitution in Africa” is published in 2013; the series focus lies on high quality postgraduate, doctoral, postdoctoral dissertations and other scientific work in English and German language relevant to the areas of public, private and economic law.




Ulrich Karpen, Professor of Law, University of Hamburg

Hans-Peter Schneider, Professor of Law, University of Hannover

Oliver C. Ruppel, Professor of Law, University of Stellenbosch

Hartmut Hamann, Professor of Law, Freie University Berlin & Hamann Rechtsanwaelte, Stuttgart




Laurie Ackermann, Justice (Emeritus), Constitutional Court of South Africa, Johannesburg.

Jean-Marie Breton, Professor of Law (Emeritus), Honorary Dean, University of French West Indies and Guyana

Gerhard Erasmus, Professor of Law (Emeritus), Associate, Trade Law Centre, Stellenbosch

Norbert Kersting, Professor of Political Sciences, University of Muenster

Hans Hugo Klein, RiBVerfG a.D., Professor of Law, University of Goettingen

Salvatore Mancuso, Professor of Law, Chair Centre for Comparative Law in Africa, University of   Cape Town

Yvonne Mokgoro, Justice, South African Law Reform and Development Commission, Pretoria

Lourens du Plessis, Professor of Law, Northwest University, Potchefstroom

Werner Scholtz, Professor of Law, University of the Western Cape, Bellville

Nico Steytler, Professor of Law, Int. Association of Centers for Federal Studies, Bellville

Hennie A. Strydom, Professor of Law, University of Johannesburg

Christoph Vedder, Professor of Law, University of Augsburg

Gerhard Werle, Professor of Law, Humboldt University Berlin

Johann van der Westhuizen, Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa, Johannesburg

Reinhard Zimmermann, Professor of Law, Managing Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg



NOMOS Law Publishers, Germany

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