Legal Perspectives on Global Challenges

Legal Perspectives on Global Challenges aims to focus on the way the law can meaningfully contribute to the debate about the global challenges (i.e. climate change etc.). So far, the law arguably already provides a basis for more global stability in many areas, but the least to say is that the boundaries of the protection of the law and the rules of conduct are still rather unsettled. It would be in the best interest of all stakeholders to map the law as it probably stands. Gaps must be filled to cope with the challenges of our time. The law has to be interpreted in such a way that it can cope with the serious threats for mankind in order to respond in a responsible and predictable way to these global challenges. Legal Perspectives on Global Challenges invites leading academics and very promising younger scholars to write about these issues briefly mentioned above. The series will publish books on the issues mentioned above. The editors invite academics to submit topics for books and those willing to get their manuscripts published are warmly invited to contact the Editorial or the Advisory Board of the Series:

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Editor in Chief:

–   Prof. Dr Jaap Spier, Advocate-General in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, honorary professor at University of Maastricht (the Netherlands)


Editorial Board

–   Prof. Dr Klaus Bosselmann, Director of the Centre for Environmental Law, Auckland (New Zealand)

–   Elbert R. de Jong LLM, University of Utrecht (the Netherlands)

–   Prof. Dr Délber Andrade Lage, director of the International Law Centre (CEDIN), Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

–   Prof. Dr Thomas Pogge, Professor or Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale (USA)

–   Prof. Dr Oliver C. Ruppel, University of Stellenbosch, Coordinating lead author for the chapter on Africa in the forthcoming assessment report (AR5) of IPCC (South Africa)

–   Jessica Simor, MA, CPE, barrister Matrix Chambers, London (UK)

–   Prof. Dr Jaap Spier, Advocate-General in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, honorary professor at University of Maastricht (the Netherlands)

–   Dr Elisabeth Steiner, Judge in European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg (France)

–   Prof. Dr Wang Xi, Associate Dean of the law school and Director of Environmental and Resources Institute, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai (China)


Advisory Board

–   Prof. Dr em. Paul Crutzen, Nobel Prize Chemistry 1995 (Germany)

–   Hon. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and High Commissioner for Human Rights (Ireland)

–   Prof. Dinah Shelton, President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (USA)

–   Prof. Doug Kysar, JD, deputy Dean and Joseph M. Field Professor of Law, Yale (USA)

–   Romina Picolotti, President Center for Human Rights and the Environment (CEDHA), former Environment Secretary of Argentina, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

–   Justice Annel Silungwe, former Chief Justice and Minister of Legal Affairs of Zambia


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