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Prof. Dr. Oliver C. Ruppel is the Director of DROP. He is a full Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Stellenbosch, a Professor Extraordinaire at several universities around the world. He is the founding Director of the Climate Policy and Energy Security Programme for subsaharan Africa of the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Until 2010 he held one of the worldwide 14 academic chairs of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Geneva, Switzerland, which he established at the University of Namibia, Windhoek, where he had previously also served as the Director of the national Human Rights and Documentation Centre. He is a member of the distinguished Cameroon Academy of Sciences and served as Coordinating Lead Author for the Chapter on Africa in the last assessment of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Working Group II. He is an international arbitrator with the Association of Arbitrators of Southern Africa, inter alia member of the World Comission on Environmental Law (WCEL) of the International Conservations Union (IUCN), member of the African Law Association, Düsseldorf, Germany, member of the Commission for Legal Pluralism, Zurich, Switzerland, member of the South African and Swiss Branches of the International Law Association, and member of various editorial boards, including the NIALS Journal of Environmental Law, Lagos, Nigeria, the Legal Series on Legal Perspectives on Global Challenges, The Hague, Netherlands and the legal series Law and Constitution in Africa, Nomos Publishers, Germany.

Dr. Harald Ginzky is a senior non-resident fellow at DROP since 2019. He holds a PhD in International Public Law and was Senior Researcher at University of Bremen. Since 2003 he is working for the German Environment Agency as an expert of national, European and international environmental law. His Focus lies on water, soil, oceans, in particular deep seabed mining, as well as chemical law and geo-engineering. He was a member of German delegations to UNCCD COPs and Annual sessions of the International Seabed Authority and the German delegation for London Convention/London Protocol (Amendments concerning Carbon Sequestration in Sub seabed geological formations – 2006 and 2009, Amendment on Marine Geo-Engineering 2013). He is member of the editing board of the German “journal of environmental law” since 1992 and Chief Editor of “International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy”. In cooperation with DROP he leads several projects on sustainable management and governance of soils in Africa and India.

Ms. Marianca Louw is a LLD candidate researching the governance of water resources and interrelating issues between climate change and human security, which includes water stress, water availability and water pollution. In doing so she engages on the interaction between water law, climate change regulation, and human rights and how the responsible use of water can create a more secure and prosperous future for the people in South Africa and on the African continent, while still pursuing sustainable (economic) development.

Ms. Mercy Teko is a non-resident fellow at DROP since 2019. She has recently finalised her LLM at Birkbeck University of London in the field of International Economic Law. She had previously completed her LLB from Strathmore Law School, Nairobi, Kenya. Her areas of interest include; Economic Law, Justice and Development, Environmental Law and Gender Studies. At DROP she is involved in ongoing work on climate change law.

Mr. Absalom Shigwedha is non-resident fellow at DROP since 2019. He is a Namibian award-wining independent environmental journalist. At DROP he is engaged in climate advocacy projects.

Mr. Georg Junger is a DROP assistant since 2019 and LLM candidate at Stellenbosch University.

Ms. Larissa-Jane Houston is a DROP Project Assistant since 2020 and LLM candidate at Stellenbosch University.

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